Deliverability Week Day 2 Recap: SPF, Collaboration, History, Convincing the CMO and more!

Here are all the Deliverability Week posts you might have missed on Tuesday, June 18th. Don't forget to keep an eye out on the #deliverabilityweek hash tag on Linkedin, or look for recaps and followups here on Spam Resource. Thanks for reading and sharing!

Laura Atkins for Word to the Wise: Why Deliverability Matters

On how deliverability can be difficult to fathom because consequences from bad practices can be subtle and cumulative: "The consequences are more subtle: a gradual degrading of deliverability over time until things are clearly bad. No one really knows how they got there and spends quite a bit of time digging to find The Event that caused the block. Typically, though, problems aren't due to one Event, they're the result of ongoing poor practices. It's hard to convince companies to change behavior when there aren't clear consequences for their actions." Read more here.

Sella Yoffe for Do CMOs care about deliverability?

Here's his take on what a CMO may care about: "They probably don't care about open rates, clicks, bounces, copy, and email design. [...] What they really care about is the bottom line -- the result. And you know what? They're right!" Read more here.

Jennifer Nespola Lantz, Kickbox, Security Gaps with SPF

She warns: "Focusing on SPF specifically, it is most often deployed when it's not needed or it's not posted in the right place or it's so overly permissive the whole internet could mail with the domain." Read more here.

Travis Hazlewood writing for Ortto: Strategic sending: How to choose your IP and domain like a pro.

Travis explains: "When traveling from one place to another, we all understand the opportunities and challenges different vehicles present. In email marketing, you can think of domain and IP addresses as two pivotal parts of the vehicle that gets your email from point A to point B. Both are required, and the decisions you make for each have good and bad implications, depending on your needs and use cases." Read more here.

Yours truly, Al Iverson, writing for Valimail: Upcoming Apple Mail changes: Tabs and BIMI Logos

I share industry news: "At the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 10th, Apple announced and demonstrated a slew of upcoming upgrades, features, and enhancements to its iOS mobile platform, iOS 18." Read more here.

Lauren Meyer, writing for SocketLabs: Email Performance Red Flags: Low Open Rates 

Lauren offers: "We'll look at why a low open rate is a red flag, what it means, and how to change that flag from red to green, thanks to help from guest experts who have years of experience with this exact problem." Read more here.

Yours truly again, Al Iverson, this time guest posting for Mickey Chandler's Spamtacular: Deliverability History: Habeas, Deliverability Settings and Email Testers

I reminisce: "Back in the day, [...] I put together an email testing tool called the Reputation Audit. The genesis of this tool – why I created it – was to rebut Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) that a particular email deliverability vendor (Habeas) was spreading." Read more here.

Steve Atkins for Word to the Wise: Deliverability is Collaborative

Steve shares: "Mailbox providers want their users to be happy with the mail they receive and the service they get. That's driven by stark business reasons: acquiring new users is costly, happy users bring in revenue – whether directly, or indirectly via advertising – and their word of mouth helps bring in more users, and hence more revenue." Read more here.

Matthew Vernhout, EmailKarma, Is Your SPF Record Sabotaging Your Email Deliverability?

Here he explains his take on what can go wrong with SPF: "As an email marketer, you rely on email to nurture leads, communicate with your subscribers, business partners, vendors, and your own team. However, a silent threat can lurk beneath the surface of your email program: a broken SPF record." Read more here.

So much great content was shared for day two of #deliverabilityweek! Thank you to everyone participating in Deliverability Week 2024, both so far and those yet to come. Want to keep up with it all? Be sure to follow the hashtag #deliverabilityweek on Linkedin, and I'll be posting periodic recaps to log it all here on Spam Resource, too.

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