Deliverability Week Day 4 Recap: Spam foldering, opens, DNS, definitions, it depends, warming and more!

If you weren't able to reload the #deliverabilityweek hash tag on Linkedin over and over on Thursday, June 20th, don't worry about it -- you didn't miss the good stuff. I've captured here what we put together to share with you on that day for Deliverabilty Week 2024. Enjoy.

Matthew Vernhout writing for EmailKarma: Help! I'm stuck in the spam folder!

Matthew writes: "Is the spam folder swallowing your emails whole? It’s a frustrating situation that many businesses and marketers encounter. Despite your best efforts to craft engaging content and deliver valuable information, finding your emails marked as spam can be disheartening and detrimental to your email efforts. Lets look at a few thing to help you course correct and get back into the mailbox providers good graces, and the inbox." Read more here.

Steve Atkins writing for Word to the Wise: Deliveries and Opens and Clicks

Steve explains: "Mailbox providers use [these various bits of] information to see how much a user interacted with an email and to estimate how interested they were in it. Mailbox providers call that engagement, and use it to estimate how much a user wants to see mail that’s from the same mail stream, or that has similar content." Read more here.

Jennifer Nespola Lantz on her blog ISKTBN (I should know this by now): DNS: It's Damn Hard 

Jennifer tell us: "I have been in this beautiful field of deliverability since (checks her resume...) 2013. Long enough to say the DNS can cause a world of issues, both small and large. And a lot of it is because the DNS is much harder and complex than one may think. When talking about it, it's often simplified down to a simple mapping of domains and IPs, but it's so much more." Read more here.

Yours truly, Al Iverson, here on Spam Resource: Defining Deliverability

I define: "Combine the words "deliver" and "ability" and you will have found the very specific word that refers to whether or not email messages get delivered: Deliverability. And by "ability," we mean the ability to get an email message delivered successfully to the inbox folder in a recipient's mail client or application (called an MUA -- mail user agent -- in nerd land), versus having that message land in the spam folder, or rejected." Read more here.

Laura Atkins for Word to the Wise: Why Deliverability Depends

Laura  spells it out: "A common complaint about the advice or answers any deliverability person gives is that the generic answer to questions is: It Depends. This is frustrating for a lot of folks because they think they’re asking a simple question and so, clearly, there should be one, simple, clear answer. [...] The problem is that there is almost never one answer in deliverability and details do matter." Read more here.

Tara Natanson for Constant Contact: What is Email Deliverability?

Tara helps to clarify: "While marketing professionals will want to track how many recipients open their message and click on links embedded in the content, that won’t happen if the email is never delivered. Making it to the inbox is the most important first step in any email marketing campaign." Read more here.

And yours truly once again, Al Iverson, guest posting on InboxJam: Marketing vs Transactional Warmups

I explain thusly: "Here's a common question we get asked in email deliverability land: How do we perform IP warming for transactional email messages? Is it even necessary?" Read more here.

If you're reading this on Friday, we've probably got even more content for you to check out. Don't forget to visit the #deliverabilityweek hashtag on Linkedin for the last day of Deliverability Week 2024, June 21st. Thanks for reading!

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