GPT Compliance Dashboard Update

I've talked about the new "Compliance Dashboard" in Google Postmaster Tools before, and how it'll help you monitor for compliance with the new Yahoo/Google sender requirements. And now, it sounds like Google is making a small, but very helpful, update. Starting recently, when you come to the main GPT page, you are now greeted with a new message:

Previously, to see some level of data or certain data points in GPT, you had to send "enough" email volume, without an exact clarification of what counts as enough email sending volume. This seemingly was to apply to the new Compliance Dashboard as well. Here, Google is letting us know that they're working to loosen the volume restriction, at least as far as the Compliance Dashboard goes. That's not to say that you still might need to send more than a single email message (or more) before GPT would have enough data to give you reputation (or compliance) feedback, but it's nice to see them making the effort to make compliance feedback more broadly accessible. Thanks, Google!

Google has also added additional documentation for those looking for guidance and understanding around how to configure Google Postmaster Tools, and what the dashboards can tell users. See Set up Postmaster Tools and Postmaster Tools dashboards for more information.

If you're not familiar with GPT and are sitting here wondering what the heck is this whole thing about, here's where you can go to find more information about Google Postmaster Tools.
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