Wrapping up Deliverability Week 2024

What a week it has been! June 17-21 was really special this year. During the week, a dozen of us who make our living in the world of deliverability came together to share our knowledge and expertise with you, resulting in just shy of fifty blog posts across more than fifteen different websites, blogs and platforms.

And if you missed the rolling hashtag on Linkedin, never fear! I've collected recaps and links to our posts each day, and they're right here for you to review: Welcome/Introduction, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5. You can also click through to browse the whole "Deliverability Week 2024" section on Spam Resource.

Special thanks to Alison Gootee, Jennifer Nespola Lantz, Laura Atkins, Lauren Meyer, Matthew Vernhout, Mickey Chandler, Richelo Killian, Sella Yoffe, Steve Atkins, Tara Natanson and Travis Hazlewood for helping me with the heavy lifting of content creation and sharing. I appreciate all of you.

I'd like to include a special, extra shout-out to two very smart folks in deliverability land, who were able to use Deliverability Week to launch and highlight their new websites: Lauren Meyer and her new website Send it Right, and Jennifer Nespola Lantz, with her new blog ISKBN (I Should Know This By Now). These are two great new resources that you should follow to learn more about deliverability.

Honorable mention goes to Alison Gootee, who doesn't have a blog, but probably should have one. Her guest posts on Spam Resource (including her post this week) are always fantastic and you all should help me convince her to guest blog over here more often.

Here's just a few of the highlights from the past week (I apologize in advance for not linking to every single good post here!):
And I even got to do a bit of guest blogging myself -- here's where else you could have found me this past week, besides here on Spam Resource:
In addition to all of my content sharing friends, I also appreciate the rest of you out there working in the field of deliverability, and the fields adjacent to it: policy compliance, email authentication, email security, email technology and development, and the others that I'm probably not remembering right at this moment. I know personally of at least one hundred and fifty people today with careers in these practices, and I know that I don't even know everyone. But thank you, all of you, for doing everything that you can do to help protect the email ecosystem; helping good people send wanted email successfully, and stopping bad guys from sending bad mail, is an important and necessary calling.

And that answers the question of "Why Deliverability Week?" Because not everyone knows or remembers or understands that deliverability is necessary for email success. But we know that it is: Just try getting to the inbox without it. Deliverability Week came about to remind folks that we're here and that what we do matters.

And finally, I wrote and published a very personal post on Friday explaining my own Deliverability/DMARC journey. It's not a complete retelling of my beginnings in email, but just a tiny bit of autobiographical memoir where I talk about how that journey grew from Deliverability to encompass DMARC, now that I'm specifically working for a DMARC vendor, and why I believe in DMARC, and how I think my background in anti-spam helps me relate to and help with modern challenges. You can find that here. TL;DR? DMARC is good.

If you found Deliverability Week useful, or if you find Spam Resource useful, please drop me a line and let me know. Your feedback helps to keep me in touch with the right people, right things and right topics, and is part of how I measure whether or not these kinds of things are worthwhile.

As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate you.
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