Some history: Salesforce Reputation Audit and Habeas as inspiration

A million years ago I built a deliverability tool for ExactTarget (later Salesforce Marketing Cloud) called Reputation Audit. It was a handy tool back then, to give a client (or support, or an agency reseller) confidence that the technical bits were set correctly, giving Red/Yellow/Green statuses for a whole bunch of different checks. And what inspired me to build it? Shenanigans I had to deal with courtesy of Habeas, once an also-ran deliverability competitor to Return Path. There's more to that story and you can find it over on Mickey Chandler's Spamtacular blog. It was something I guest posted for him back during Deliverability Week, and I wanted to make a point to link to it now, to remind people to check it out. I hope you enjoy the story.

And don't forget to follow Mickey Chandler's deliverability/privacy/compliance-focused blog, Spamtacular. It's good stuff.

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