Now hiring: Act-On

Marketing automation provider Act-On is hiring! They're looking for a Deliverability Consultant to focus on clients who have signed up for enhanced deliverability services. If you have that unique blend of technical acumen and customer-facing skills that would allow you to build rapport and guide customers towards deliverability best practices, perhaps this is the role for you! For more information or to apply, click here to view the job listing.

Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: MailMonitor

I very briefly touched on MailMonitor back in 2020, but I happened to talk to CEO Adrian Patel recently and so I asked him if he would like to provide an overview of MailMonitor's deliverability tools that I could share with you and the world. Below is what he sent along, which I have edited slightly (blame any editing errors on me). Thanks, Adrian!

MailMonitor is a 12 year old provider of Email Deliverability Analytics, Sender Reputation Monitoring and Deliverability Managed Services. The company was started due to the fact there was no reasonably priced solution at the time.

MailMonitor has a fun, spry team behind its product that has never lost sight of its startup culture. It's common that the company builds out custom features and solutions for its customers to keep their emails getting delivered to where they need to be. 

Here's a list of features that the Enterprise product offers:

  1. Global Seed-Based Delivery Reporting
  2. Spam Filter Score Reporting
  3. Spam Trap Reporting
  4. Blocklist Reporting
  5. ISP Anomaly Detection Reporting
  6. Time-to-Inbox Reporting
  7. Gmail Tab Placement Reporting
  8. Tracking Pixel Engagement Analytics
  9. Seed-Specific Email Header Analytics
  10. SMS and Email Alerts
  11. Delivery by IP and ISP
  12. Campaign Preview
  13. DMARC Authentication and Policy Hosting
  14. Dedicated Deliverability Expert
  15. API Token for External Use

Want to learn more? Head on over to their website, where you can even get a free demo and trial.

Quick and Easy Email Attachments in Linux

Need to export a file from Linux via email? Got uuencode? Do you even remember uuencode? It's how we used to encode files for file sharing, back before you were born. Because I'm old.

Here's a handy one-liner that will wrap your file up as a UUEncoded attachment and mail it to the address you specify. The email should come through with a properly formatted attachment that you can then download.

Just do this (all on one line):
% cat | uuencode | mail

Or you can get a bit fancier and add a subject line and a proper from address (if your system doesn't add one already):
% cat | uuencode | mail -s "Export of" -a "From: Me <>"

Or you can do it as part of a shell script, with bits that look something like this:

FROM="Just Me <>"
cat $FILE | \
uuencode $FILE \
mail -s "Export of $FILE attached" \
-a "From: $FROM" \

I know there's probably some better way to do this, but this simple example has saved me endless amounts of time lately. I hope you find it useful, too.

Intuit confirms $12B deal to buy Mailchimp

Well, Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius (who famously funded Mailchimp via their personal credit cards, telling me and others that they had taken no outside investment or debt) probably can now afford to buy everybody in Atlanta a burger at the Vortex (as they kindly did for for me once upon a time, years ago). From TechCruch"Intuit confirmed persistent rumors that it was in the process of buying Mailchimp, detailing a $12 billion transaction that will bring the well-known email infra company to its corporate remit." Find the press release here.

Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: Kickbox (Updated)

It's been a while since I've posted about Kickbox, and they've got new stuff that merits sharing, so here we go!

On September 2nd, Kickbox announced: "Starting today, all new and existing Kickbox accounts include access to our full suite of deliverability monitoring tools. In addition to email verification, you now have more tools to help you reach the inbox and alert you of potential deliverability issues."

These new and improved tools include seedlist-based inbox placement testing, blocklist monitoring, precheck and DMARC monitoring. Precheck includes design preview and spam filter testing, allowing you to identify spam triggers like broken or spammy links, spammy wording, or domain issues.

For more information about Kickbox and their new and improved deliverability monitoring suite, click on over to the Kickbox website.

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Reference: MAGY (Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo) Email Domains

(You might notice that this is a slightly-modified repost of previous content. It was necessary to deal with Blogger suddenly taking issue with a post containing a giant list of domains. Whoops.)

Looking to segment your email database based on ISP? Want to break out separate content or timing for Yahoo Mail versus Microsoft OLC versus Gmail subscribers? I’ve got you covered. Click here to download the full “MAGY” (Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo) domain list, and feel free to use it for email segmentation. (And please don’t use it for spammy purposes.)

Yahoo is Yahoo again!

Yahoo is Yahoo again! The entity that runs the servers hosting the mailboxes for AOL and Yahoo is now called Yahoo Inc, as of September 1st, 2021. No more Verizon Media.

UPC/Vodafone Dead Domains in Hungary

As part of UPC's sale of various assets to Vodafone, I am reliably informed that the domains,, and no longer host email users and should be considered retired. As of this writing, all still have MX records, but any attempts to mail those users will results in "550 5.1.1 MXIN501" errors.

Thanks to Mailkit's Jakub Olexa for this information!

Now hiring: NGPVAN

EveryAction, parent company of NGPVAN, is looking to hire somebody to fill the role of Senior Vice President, Deliverability.

From the posting: "EveryAction is the second-largest and fastest-growing SaaS company serving nonprofits and social impact organizations. We’re looking for an expert in email deliverability to lead and grow our deliverability practice, help develop our email marketing product suite and work closely with our vendors, partners, and clients to deliver an industry-leading deliverability experience. We work with thousands of organizations that send billions of emails every month, including nonprofit organizations, social good groups, and Democratic political campaigns."

Does that interest you? If so, click here to learn more or to apply.

BIMI: Let's learn more about VMCs

Timely. Here is "Everything you need to know about BIMI and validated mark certificates, how they increase brand trust, and which companies have adopted them," courtesy of World Trademark Review. This analysis, authored by Jeremy Speres, partner at Spoor & Fisher, provides great detail into BIMI/VMC state and status and what senders need to know to be able to move forward with their own BIMI plans. 

I learned a lot from reading this and I think you will, too!

[ H/T: Brian Westnedge from Red Sift ]

How to use custom email domains with iCloud+

Thanks to William Gallagher from Apple Insider for letting us know that Apple has launched the ability to configure a custom email domain with iCloud Mail. It's explicitly noted as being in beta, and it sounds like the process is a bit buggy so far, but they'll get it worked out, and I have a feeling that this could be the start of something big. Click on through to read more.

Spam Resource launched 20 years ago today

I'm not 100% sure of the exact day that I first posted to this blog, but based on what I can find in my own notes and archives, I probably published my first post on August 26, 2001. So, I'm going to call that the birthdate of Spam Resource, and that means that today is the twentieth anniversary of Spam Resource.

(Spam Resource circa 2001-2003)

Wow, it's been a heck of a ride. I guess that time flies when you're ... sitting still, quietly blogging about spam and email.

Though Blogger did technically exist in 2001, Spam Resource wasn't moved to the Blogger platform until 2006. Prior to that move, it was all hand-coded HTML flat files with lots of tables. For a period, it was even an online software store -- my employer at the time held a contest to try to drive extra online software sales -- and I was one of the contest winners! It never made me rich, but it made me some steady handfuls of "beer money" for a number of months, and I learned a lot about e-commerce and search engine optimization.

After that break in the action, the primary focus of Spam Resource returned to being my place to share information and analysis on email, anti-spam and deliverability, which it remains today.

Thank you to everyone for reading, for commenting, for your feedback, your post ideas, your guest posts, and help with grammar and corrections (sometimes requested, sometimes not) over the years. I appreciate all of you, and the approximately 2.67 million page views that Blogger says you've given me.

-- Al Iverson

PS -- If you have found Spam Resource to be valuable, and if you're looking for a way to say thank you, please consider making a donation to Chicago-based Care For Real. They provide food and help for people in need right here in my adopted home town of Chicago. They are good people, working hard to help those dealing with food insecurity and other challenges. I donate regularly and I hope you'll consider doing the same. Thanks.

Mailhog: A neat fake SMTP server

Need a fake SMTP server for testing? Chadwan Pawar of PostBox Services suggests Mailhog. It's an open source SMTP server that captures all mail and gives you a visual dashboard showing you what was received. Much fancier than /dev/null (but that can come in handy sometimes, too).

Read more about it over on PostBoxServices and here's a link to the Mailhog project on Github.

Why does Microsoft hate you?

The question, “Why does Microsoft hate me?” is something I hear a lot lately. I’m not sure Microsoft actually hates any of you, but it’s clear that many senders are frustrated with how difficult it seems to be to be able to get mail delivered to Microsoft OLC (Hotmail/ domains. Yes, I do think Microsoft OLC is the consumer webmail or ISP mail provider with the quickest blocking trigger finger out there, and yes, it sometimes seems to be unfair. But it’s something that we all have to deal with, so let's all put on our grown up pants and work together to deal with it.

BIMI: ISP Support as of August 2021

It's been a while since I've posted a BIMI status update, and things are changing! Things are standardizing! Things are getting good. So, let's get right to it...