Spam Resource, New and Improved

Please allow me to break from our regular programming momentarily, so that I may brag to you about the most recent changes made to Spam Resource and DNSBL Resource. If you're one of those RSS reader kind of people, feel free to swing on over to and check out all the new, useful things that weren't there before.

 (the old template)

(the new template)

The new logo I've designed is based on a cool font called DuePuntoZero, and the goal for the design was to finally have something that might be professional enough to work for a sign or a business card at some point down the road.

The updated blog template now includes a whole bunch of live feeds. My twitter account (@aliverson), my Deliverability links on Delicious, and I highlight my newly redesigned DNS tools site, XNND.

XNND is a simple collection of a lot of the online tools I use daily for spam tracking, reputation assessment, and email consulting. There's a special kind of domain blacklist checker, simple DNS lookup tools, a tool to help you convert an IP address into a special kind of URL needed for Hotmail's SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) system, and a TinyURL-like URL shortening tool. Look for more tools coming in the future; I have a big list of stuff I'd like to add and I plan to keep plugging away. (On Sunday night I added a CIDR calculator, at the suggestion of Brandon James. Thanks, Brandon!)

My Deliverability Delicious account is where I store a whole bunch of public info relating to ISP and spam filter issue remediation. I update this regularly as I find new information to link to. Delicious can be handy because you can link directly to different tags. For example, to see everything I have available about Brightmail, you'd click on over to These links are more for the sender set than for your average spam fighter.

The news and notes section now updates automatically, providing links to the latest articles from the various email related news sites and blogs that I follow. It requires that a site have a working RSS feed, so if your site doesn't, alas, it's not easy for me to link to. (Looking at you, Ken Magill!)

Finally, please allow me to say a big THANK YOU to all of my friends, readers, and email industry colleagues, who have helped me grow this blog from a tiny 3-page hand-coded site filled with complaints about blacklists and Australians, to what it is today....a slightly larger site still occasionally complaining about blacklists and Australians.

And I'd like to give a special thanks to the kind souls who have graced these pages as guest posters since June: Mickey Chandler, Steven Champeon, Jaren Angerbauer and Chris Wheeler. Adding new voices to the mix has been a long-standing goal I've had, and I am very appreciative of your help to finally make that a reality.
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