Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: Glockapps

Hey, deliverability monitoring vendors! I know you're out there, and I don't know a lot about many of you. Do you manage a service that does inbox deliverability testing, seedlist testing, inbox monitoring, or similar functionality? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know a little bit about your product or service, and I'll publish it here. 

Following up on past posts where I mentioned Kickbox, ZeroBounce, Postmastery, and others, here's more information about Belarus-based Glockapps. They offer a suite of deliverability and reputation monitoring tools. I mentioned them back in March but today I'll share a bit more detail.

I created a demo account in Glockapps to take a quick peek around. Their left nav has different sections that include features labeled Inbox Insight (where deliverability test and deliverability summary issue is stored; this is not competitive analysis data a la the Return Path tool of the same name), DMARC Analytics, IP Reputation, Bounce Monitor, SPF Validator, and Email Branding. 

To see the various options for deliverability testing, I clicked on the "Start" button and was met with the following options:
  • Email Message Spam Test: Test if your email will penetrate into the inbox of different email service providers.
  • MailChimp Test: Run a deliverability test of a MailChimp email campaign.
  • Test via Dedicated Email Address: You can use this quick and simple method of spam testing if you create a sending account with your SMTP settings in GlockApps. You'll send the message to a dedicated email address and GlockApps will create a test for you. (These types of "individual)
  • Automatic Test: Test your transactional or outreach emails on a recurring basis and be alerted if your email starts getting into spam.
The "Email Message Spam Test" feature is the deliverability seed list test. I copied the seed list to my clipboard, temporarily added those addresses to my Spam Resource email list, and sent it a copy of my most recent newsletter email. The results showed me that they test various spam filters (SpamAssassin, Barracuda, and others), various common US ISPs, and then various other ISPs in Brazil, Europe, Russia and Canada. I think the focus here is going to be on ones that are local to Glockapps, or ones where anyone can sign up for free. Don't expect to see Comcast listed, as it's probably not too easy for them to get access to something like a Comcast mailbox for test purposes.

They do appear to be using multiple seed addresses for some ISPs, but not all. Results include inbox placement and tab placement, authentication checks, sender score and an IP blacklist check. (You can see a bit of the output in the screen capture I've shared here. There is more beyond what is displayed here.)

The "Mailchimp Test" looks to be an integration with Mailchimp that allows Glockapps to append seed lists to your Mailchimp-served email campaigns.

The "Test via Dedicated Email Address" feature seems to allow you to send messages to a single address and then Glockapps will re-send it on through various filters and to various ISPs to see how it performs. This type of test can paint you an inaccurate picture of IP reputation at the ISP level (due to email forwarding), but might be handy in some cases where you have limits around what you can launch to a test list.

I believe that the "Automatic Test" feature is meant to help facilitate periodic testing of transactional content such as order receipts. I assume this lets you get a view of deliverability success over time for these types of messages.

There are more options and features that I didn't have time to dive in to, but if you're interested, you should check it out. It's a useful set of tools and I think some folks are likely to find it useful.

When you first login, they hit you with a pricing screen (I'll let you go check that out yourselves), but they do give you three free tests to allow you to taste the functionality.

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