Edison Software unveils OnMail email service

Engadget says that Edison Software's new email service OnMail has "two headline features ... 'accept sender' and anti-tracking technology." Sounds like another HEY-like email service to me, blocking tracking pixels and asking you who to allow in to the inbox. Not sure I care all that much, but if you do, here you go. Unlike HEY, there will at least be a free tier of service.

Senders, it looks like the recipient domain for the OnMail service is onmail.com.

Interestingly, when you create an OnMail account, you are asked to opt-in to provide copies of transactional and marketing messages to Edison to "support [their] measurement business, Edison Trends." I guess that's one way to work around all the problems companies had with panel data in the past. I wonder what the opt-in rate is here, especially for paying customers.

The exact verbiage along with the opt-in request is: "Your data makes OnMail work and, when permitted, supports our measurement business, Edison Trends. If you choose to opt-in to sharing data, we will collect information when you sign up and use OnMail, like commercial messages and purchase receipts. The data is de-identified and it's only use is to create aggregated research insights. We share this research with third parties and prohibit them from using the information for any purpose other than understanding e-commerce trends. You can always opt-out of Trends at any time!"

I'd perhaps have told you more, but the promised free service option was greyed out when I got to the "select plan" page and I didn't feel like coughing up any money for it.

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