Top Five Spam Resource Posts of 2021

Hey, FINALLY! The year 2021 is but a memory. Am I the only one who feels like last year had been about five years long? The only thing that felt longer was the year 2020 -- wasn't that about ten years long? When everything went sideways, I was already working from home, but I sure miss laptop camping at Starbucks, eating indoors at fancy steakhouses in downtown Chicago and traveling for work. Travel notwithstanding, work was a constant throughout 2021. Email is growing, not dying, and deliverability as a practice is thriving. I, myself, made my own career change during this time, but still staying in the realm of deliverability consulting and deliverability-focused product management.

[ looking back on the year ]

Anyway, enough about me. As I do at the end of every year, it is time to share what the most popular posts were on Spam Resource over the past year. Without further ado, here are the top five Spam Resource posts for 2021:

Number five: Reference:, GMX and Domains

GMX and are two freemail providers based owned by United Internet (1&1) and primarily based in Germany, but providing free email seemingly globally. might be considered the "US edition" of their email service and has nearly 200 different email domains to choose from. Here's a list of most of those domains. You might find them useful for email segmentation purposes. Maybe your platform needs to implement different MTA (mail server) settings to send to these domains, or maybe you need to temporarily stop sending mail to them while you resolve a blocking issue.

Number four: Seeing "recipient getting too much mail" delays at Gmail?

With the rise in email automation tools, CRMs and email platforms out there, it's no surprise to me that more and more people are running into this error message. I see lots of people -- developers, in particular -- set up an automation and to test it they send to their Gmail account over and over and over. Lots of mail, often very quickly. Guess what? That causes this error!

Number three: How to find ISP Contact Information

Spam is really, really annoying. And reporting spam can be complex. It's not always easy for the average internet user to figure out how to chase after spammers effectively. If you want to report spam back to the ISP responsible for it, it's not always obvious who that is, or what their contact information is. Here are my tips for how to figure that out.

Number two: Reference: Time Warner/Road Runner/Spectrum Email Domains

Time Warner/Road Runner/Spectrum are a twisty little maze of mergers and partnerships and dead brands (think Adelphia) and it's not always clear which is which is which. This list is from 2018 and I really wish I had an updated one to share! But until I'm able to decode what their intent is with regard to all these domains, this is what we've got. I'm glad you all found it useful!

Number 1: Help! All mail to users is bouncing!

This was the most read post on Spam Resource in 2020, and it was still the top one in 2021! Not everybody knows how to correctly send to Apple subscribers who use "signin with Apple" or "hide my email." Let's add some clarity around that; it's easy to be able to send to these users, using the service -- you just have to know how to register with them and make sure your emails pass their required criteria.

Well, that's it! Another year done and in the books. Thank you to all who read Spam Resource and who have shared tips, links, and resources with me throughout the past twelve months. I appreciate each and every one of you. Let's do it again next year, and hopefully at some point we can start to meet up again in person more safely.

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