A quick and easy Black Friday / Cyber Monday sending tip

Preparation for the holiday send season -- is it too late? Yeah, might be. BFCM is upon us. It's too late to warm new IP addresses or domains, for example. However, there is one simple trick you can still implement, even now, to help deliver mail better (and possibly faster) during this peak season.

Consider this: Almost everybody times their campaign launches to go out at the top of the hour, or the bottom of the hour. Exactly. Think a 6:00 am launch or a 9:30 am launch. On the hour, or on the half hour. Because everybody does it that way, mailbox providers are besieged with an onslaught of email messages, all at once, at zero minutes, and thirty minutes, past almost every hour. Which means that this can make it hard for everybody's mail to get through the door, and it could even end up causing email processing or delivery delays.

Thus, that tip? Stagger your launch times. Launch 6 minutes early, at 5:54 am, or 11 minutes later than you would have normally, at 9:41 am. You'll be slipping through the door at a moment when fewer email messages will be traveling the same path.

I mentioned this back in October of 2022, based on a suggestion given to me by a smart postmaster for one of the big mailbox providers. This tip still holds true today! Good luck and happy sending.



  1. 100% agree there, we see similar spikes on the sending side and regularly recommend users to offset just a few minutes before the hour to get ahead of the rush.


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