Yahoo Mail and Gmail compliance deadline updates

I've got some important info for you today (and a reminder of two free webinars; one recorded, one upcoming and live) related to all of this.

First, Yahoo and Google are both indicating that the compliance deadlines for their upcoming new sender requirements are changing. 

  • Yahoo is indicating that authentication requirements and low complaint rates must be met by February 2024, but that one-click unsub now has an implementation deadline of June, 2024. Publishing a DMARC policy and authenticating with both DKIM and SPF seems to be required as of February 2024. (More info here.)
  • Google is indicating that "enforcement for bulk senders that don't meet our email sender guidelines will be gradual and progressive. Starting in February 2024, senders out of compliance are likely to see light and intermittent temporary deferrals. Starting in April, that'll change to rejections instead of deferrals, and they'll increase the percentage of non-compliant mail over time. Google, just like Yahoo, is saying that one-click unsub should be in place by June, 2024. (More info here.)

Dates are indeed slipping for the one-click unsubscribe requirement, but overall, DMARC, complaint and authentication requirements still start to take effect pretty quickly and soon. Gmail's initial indicators won't prevent most mail from being sent, but it's likely to annoy (and meant to). You'll want to get on top of all of this, to make sure important messages don't end up delayed (or worse).

And that's a good segue to two webinars I've got for you on these very topics.

If you manage your own sending infrastructure, or are operations, engineering or product management for an ESP or newsletter platform, you'll need to know how list-unsub-post works to be able to meet this new one-click unsub requirement. I've done my best to brain-dump everything I can think of about list-unsub and list-unsub-post into a webinar just about twenty minutes long, and I encourage you to check it out here.

And finally, the DMARC requirement can be a scary thing, especially for those who are not big enough or technically savvy enough to have thought about domain security and DMARC in the past. LB Blair and I will present a live webinar on this topic on January 10th, 2024, where we'll share what we know about DMARC, what you need to know about moving forward with implementation, and we'll answer your questions, too. Register here.

As always, thanks for reading! And I hope you have a safe and comfortable holiday season, whatever it is you may celebrate. I'll be back in 2024 with more content on the upcoming sender requirements, a review of 2023 in deliverability, and what I think 2024 is going to look like for us all. Stay tuned!

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