CAN-SPAM Myth #2: This Law Makes it OK to Spam

Three CAN-SPAM Myths: CAN-SPAM is the US Federal Anti-spam law. If you're sending commercial email in the US, or you're a savvy spam filterer, you probably already know a bit about the law. But, did you know these specific points? Here are three common myths that I have run into, where people misunderstand what CAN-SPAM does or doesn't do.

Keep in mind I'm not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

Today in my second of three posts in the series, I'll address CAN-SPAM Myth #2: That the law makes it OK to send spam.

CAN-SPAM has been derided by various anti-spam groups as a license to spam. Their complaints are legitimate, but that's not the entire story. It's true that CAN-SPAM doesn't prohibit spam, and I personally find that to be a huge disappointment. But CAN-SPAM does include requirements that can be a helpful tool to encourage best practice permission compliance.