Reference:, GMX and Domains

GMX and are two freemail providers based owned by United Internet (1&1) and primarily based in Germany, but providing free email seemingly globally. might be considered the "US edition" of their email service and has nearly 200 different email domains to choose from.

It's been tough to find a published reference list of domains used by them (with the exception of the domains), but here's what I was able to come up with, with help from smart guys Jakub Olexa and Udeme Ukutt.

Please hire: Sarah Johnson

Are you hiring? Sarah Johnson could use your help.

Sarah has strong email & digital experience providing her a very strategic understanding of email platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud & AWS SES for transactional automated programs & SMS. She prides herself on knowing how to befriend your subscribers and provide valuable content to be allowed successfully onto their laptops and phones. Most recently leading successful secured communication digital programs & Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations, purchases and creating strong growth programs for B2B & B2C messaging. She seeks a contract or FTE digital role in the Minneapolis area.

Does Sarah sound like the right hire for you? I hope you'll consider her -- her strong experience and overlap between e-commerce and digital marketing shows she's got a broad skillset and can adapt easily. Here's a link to her LinkedIn profile. Please contact her on Linkedin or via email at

Editor's note: Because it's such a challenging time to job hunt right now, I'm going to use this platform to occasionally highlight smart folks who are looking for work and who would welcome the exposure from being shared here. I hope you won't find it too intrusive and let's hope it helps lead to good things for the folks featured here!

Spam and reputation

Need a break from the heavier news? Okay, let's talk about spam and reputation. No, not that spam, and not that kind of reputation. Spam, the food product. Julia Press of Business Insider explains "how the makers of Spam stopped worrying about being a global punchline and learned to embrace the joke."

While I'm not planning to hoard Spam during this tough time, I do keep a tin of bacon-flavored Spam in the cupboard, as it makes a good breakfast meat if you find yourself out of bacon or sausage. Slice it thin and it fries up nicely on the stovetop. It also greases the pan well enough that I find that I don't need to oil the pan before frying the eggs.

A few COVID-19 subject lines

The Freecycle Community and COVID-19. COVID-19: How UPS is Responding. Update from Starbucks. Supporting our customers during this critical time. Coronavirus Update. Temporary Change to Store Hours. A travel update from our leadership. COVID-19 Updates From the Illinois Lottery. Our commitment to safety - a message about coronavirus. A message from our CEO. Important information about the coronavirus. A message to our guests from CEO. More Flexibility for Your Travel. Health and Safety Information from WG Restaurants. Caring for the Lyft community. Traveling with Flexibility and Care. We are here for you. Here’s Are New Hours and Closures for Campus Buildings During Coronavirus Outbreak. How we're supporting you during the coronavirus. A message from our CEO. Health & Safety Update from Tire Store. A travel update from leadership. A Letter to our Fans. Our pledge to you during the coronavirus outbreak. A message from E.T. about COVID-19. Updates & Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19. We are still operating at full capacity. A Day of Giving Message for Customers. Message from the Mayor: COVID-19 Updates. Extending Our Support Through COVID-19.

Reference: All Virgin Media (UK) domains

I'm working to add to my list of ISP resource pages, including new information on domains used by various ISPs. Here's information for UK broadband provider Virgin Media.

Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: Postmastery

Hey, deliverability monitoring vendors! I know you're out there, and I don't know a lot about many of you. Do you manage a service that does inbox deliverability testing, seedlist testing, inbox monitoring, or similar functionality? Feel free to drop me a line and let me know a little bit about your product or service, and I'll publish it here. 

First up -- Willem Stam has kindly provided the following information about Postmastery:

Everything marketers need to know about BIMI: The latest email standard

Jennifer Cannon from Martech Today just posted a solid overview of where BIMI is at today. If you don't recall what BIMI is, she explains: "BIMI is a way for brands to publish their logos in their customers’ inboxes and allows logos to be easily incorporated into messaging."

Amazon Web Services (AWS) now blocking block port 25

Amazon recently made a change affecting AWS/EC2 users. As of January 27, 2020, new EC2 instances will no longer have port 25 access to the world. This means that by default, they won't be able to send email.

Other Deliverability Monitoring Vendors?

Besides Return Path and 250ok (now both owned by Validity), and eDataSource (now owned by SparkPost), here are three other deliverability monitoring vendors, as shared by kind commenters on my previous post: