Deliverability Week Day 5 Recap: Email authentication, more on terminology, the Email Czar, DMARC + more

As Deliverability Week 2024 comes to a close, please allow me to thank everyone who participated both in creating content and sharing that content (and their expertise) with others. If you weren't able to stay glued to the Linkedin hashtag on Friday, here's a recap of what folks posted.

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Matthew Vernhout writing for EmailKarma: Understanding Disposable Email Addresses

Matthew shares: "Consumers often turn to disposable emails to keep their real inboxes clean, dodge unwanted emails when they’re forced to provide an address, or avoid brands they don’t trust with their data. Understanding why people use these throwaway emails is key for businesses aiming to build trust and improve their email marketing game." Read more here.

Richelo Killian writing for InboxJam: Email Authentication - SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI

Richelo warns: "Having all four of these perfectly implemented is NOT a magic pill that will guarantee delivery and inbox placement! [...] I wanted to give you a brief introduction and overview of each protocol." Read more here.

Yours truly, Al Iverson on Spam Resource: Learning about deliverability: 33 DELIVTERMS and counting

I wrote: "The goal of this awkwardly-named exercise was to help to define deliverability terminology. Deliverability and email technology are notoriously overwhelmed with technobabble and innumerable, inscrutable acronyms that those of us in the space bandy about as though we've purchased them in ten packs for a dollar. I wanted to do what I can to help pierce that shield of non-understanding and make things for the average person to better understand." Read more here.

Steve Atkins for Word to the Wise: Who's your Email Czar?

Steve writes: "In any organization bigger than the tiniest there are multiple groups sending email, for a variety of different things. Internal business email, external business email to vendors, customer support email, password resets, marketing mail, receipts, tracking notifications, bizdev, system monitoring email, all sorts of things, used and managed by different groups, often in very different parts of the company org chart." Read more here.

Matthew Vernhout once again, writing for Email Industries: Comprehensive Budgeting for Email Deliverability Management

From Matthew: "Ensuring effective email deliverability is not just about reacting to issues as they arise; it's about proactive planning and consistent monitoring. Think of this process like working with a personal trainer at the gym—they ensure your form is correct, help you avoid injuries, and keep you on track toward your fitness goals. Similarly, investing in deliverability management helps you avoid costly issues, maintain a strong sender reputation, and achieve your email marketing objectives." Read more here.

Laura Atkins writing for Word to the Wise: DMARC: The good, the bad and the ugly

Laura's concerns: "There is a lot, a LOT of hype about DMARC. There are folks who loudly proclaim that every domain everywhere should be publishing p=reject. Unfortunately, DMARC has a lot of problems, both in the execution and in concept." Read more here.

Al Iverson Spam Resource My journey from Deliverability to DMARC: Why I think DMARC matters

My take: "I believe in DMARC. We need security as part of the email ecosystem. Just like with our best efforts to prevent spam from overrunning email, we need similarly to give it our best efforts to prevent phishing and spoofing from overrunning and ruining the usability of email. [...] DMARC doesn't "BREAK" anything; it just requires you to be aware of your configuration and tools, and possibly improve, upgrade or replace a tool if it gets out of date and can't keep up with modern security needs, or if it can no longer do what you need it to do." Read more here.

Thank you to the deliverability experts who shared their content and expertise this week, and thank you to the readers who joined us on this journey leading to better understanding of email deliverability. We appreciate you!

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